What we do

Alain Lemieux et associés consultants offers a range of services allowing the facilitation of architectural hardware projects. We offer services to architects, hardware distributors and manufacturers. The services offered range from the creation of hardware groups to site inspection, including communication assistance between the actors of a large-scale project.

Who we are

Expert in architectural hardware specification for 30 years, Alain Lemieux focuses more particularly on large-scale projects. Whether it is a government or prison building, a business or condos, Alain Lemieux is the professional to contact. A.H.C. (Architectural Hardware Consultant) since 1996, holder of a bachelor’s degree in environmental design since 1981, Mr. Lemieux is always on the lookout for new training courses to follow to enable him to optimize his service offering to architects.

Who are you?

We offer specialized services to architects, distributors and manufacturers.

Plan and spec reading

Support for awarded projects, personalized support throughout the process.

Creation of hardware lists

Creation of hardware lists and equivalence tables.

On site inspections

Site visits and inspections, compliance checks on fire break openings.

Technical consultation

We are here to support you when a technical problem arises.

Intermediary with the manufacturer

We take care of communicating your expectations and questions to the manufacturers.

Fast replies

We always try to respond as quickly as possible to requests sent to us.

Product specifications

Your products will be used to create hardware specifications.

Large scale projects

We participate in several industrial, commercial and institutional projects.

Brand image building

Thanks to our established presence in the hardware industry, your products will have great visibility on the market.

Our Partners

Our partners are all manufacturers of quality hardware materials who have an established place in the architectural hardware market.


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